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Everlast Weightloss

Everlast Weightloss is a 100% effective method to lose weight and keep it off in the long term. Members lose anywhere from 8-20 lbs. in one month with minimal exercise and eating only fresh natural foods. However, Exercise will accelerate the weight loss process exponentially! Our Mantra is this: No pills, no powders, no special foods to buy, NO GIMMICKS! This plan works if you work it!



Group Wellness

Are you part of a community group, activities group or part of a really great company? Group Wellness are customized group programs specifically geared to help you reach your nutrition and weight loss goals, AS A GROUP. Schedule your consultation today and we will get you set up with your own private Facebook Group and customized meal plans and shopping lists to help you achieve your goals together.

$97 month / $582 total

This Group Wellness package is specifically for companies that would like a customized wellness program for their location. Please inquire with Michaela as to your company's specific wellness program needs. Participants must pay 6 months up front.


$97 month / $291 total

Diva Detox Healing Program Via Facebook is a private group wellness program that runs for 90 days and is designed to help participants heal their body from recent ailments or diagnoses. Weekly challenges will be issued and we meet 1x per week for 1 hour to discuss your next weeks nutrition/lifestyle challenge. Handouts, videos and shopping lists will be distributed. Members must post to group to count for attendance each week. 90 Days are paid up front.


Nutrition Counseling

Are you unsure of what Nutritional Gaps you currently have in your health? I can help you fill in those nutritional gaps with my 1:1 nutrition counseling. I review your blood work with you and customize a meal plan and shopping list according to your blood test results. Schedule a consultation today to get started.

90-Minute Session $199

During a Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching session, Michaela will take you through your current habits, daily food and fluid intake and will identify your current concerns. Within the session, clients will walk away with a plan of action for the near future which will improve overall health, energy and vitality.


2-Hours $499

During a family nutrition counseling session, Michaela will evaluate your family's current daily eating habits by walking you through an inventory of your kitchen and food supply while structuring a healing plan which the entire family can participate in.
(Palm Beach County residents only).


90-Minute Session $249

During a Sustainable Weight Management session, Michaela will establish your current daily habits, lifestyle and weight loss goals while taking into account your busy lifestyle. Once we know what we are working with, Michaela will structure a plan that is customized to your current health status as well as your current lifestyle.


Health Coaching

Do you need coaching not only in your nutrition and diet but also help achieving your weight loss goals? Health Coaching is a combination of Nutrition Counseling and Life Coaching specifically geared to help you eat better, lose weight and feel great but also help you with limiting beliefs and pesky habits that keep you in a state of yo-yo dieting. We perform personality assessments and evaluate your blood work to formulate an eating plan that will get you to your nutrition and weight loss goals.


In this assessment, we evaluate your current health status by reviewing your latest blood work, recent diagnoses, current medications protocols and the state of your health currently. Together, we will discuss your concerns as well as your current goals.



During a Food Sensitivities Evaluation, Michaela will take you through your current food allergy diagnoses as well as evaluate your latest blood work to establish a baseline for allergic reactions. Michaela will then structure a plan to assist your body lessen inflammatory responses due to allergens.


Shopping Tours & Food Prep

Want to eat healthy but don’t know what to buy, where to buy it and how to prepare your meals for weight loss and health success? Shopping Tours and Food Prep is a great way to either virtually or in person, help you to navigate the endless aisles at the grocery store. Eating healthy on a budget? This option is the perfect add-on to any of the above mentioned programs. Virtual tours or in-person tours are available. Book your consultation today to find out more.

90-Minute Session $299

During a Grocery Store Tour with Michaela, you will learn which areas of the market to focus on and what items to purchase to maximize nutrition levels. During a grocery store tour, you will receive customized meal choices based on your initial consultation. Michaela will take into account what you like and dislike and will create a shopping list that will satisfy and excite you. (Palm Beach County residents only).


2-Hours $399

During your In-Home Food Prep Session with Michaela, you will learn how to food prep your meals for one week in 2 hours. Imagine that! Cooking for 2 hours and eating for an entire week? Plus, the meals are super delicious and extremely nutritious. (Palm Beach County residents only).


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