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My clients and my corporate groups are my main priority. Their healing and their ability to feel whole again is my primary focus in my practice. By using Holistic Integrative Nutrition & Lifestyle coaching techniques, I have many happy clients to share with you all. Enjoy! ~ Michaela

"Michaela has changed my life! I had so much inflammation and I didnt know how to tackle it. Her program gave me the tools to not only lose weight and inflammation, but to also change on how I view food! I am stronger than ever and I am so happy and grateful I found her."

Melissa G.
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"Hi future members, this program has change my life. I feel so good and I have unbelievable energy. I have become a healthier person. I saw the beautiful young ladies who told me how they were looking so beautiful and slim, that I just had to do the program too. I tell everyone, because they ask me what I'm doing to look so slim. I absolutely love this program. I feel like I can be a poster for the program. And, Michaela is so encouraging and motivates me to be my best self. I started this program April 1st and I'm 13 pounds down and soaring for more at 59 years old this year my life has many possibilities for excellent health and not to mention I look good too. Anyone will love this program, because you eat. I thank God that i was directed to this program. Thanks Michaela Logue for sharing your life, time and energy with me."

Evelyn M.
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"This program is AMAZING, very challenging I must say, specially the 1st of breaking bad habits. Had my doubts the 1st three days then on the 1st week I lost 8 pound, I was like WOW. I did continue strictly for 30 days and I lost 17.4 pounds. I’m very happy and of course I have to count the 0.4 pounds every little bit counts. What I loved is that every week is a different challenge not the same boring eat the same for 30days kind of diet. GOOD LUCK!"

Ruth N.
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"This program has been a godsend to me. This program changed the way I eat and think about food. I've discovered a new and stronger willpower that I never knew existed. Michaela is upfront , honest , and caring. She makes you want a better life and health for the long term. It's not a diet , it's a lifestyle!!!"

Toni C.
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"I have had great success with Michaela’s program and what I love is that it is all-natural food. There are no fake shakes and bars (no gimmicks) Just real food! "

Melanie C.
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“Michaela is a transformational and inspirational woman who has changed my life. She is caring and very knowledgeable about her field. I came to her in extreme breakdown and within a few phone calls and one visit, I was out of my depression and on my way towards actionable strategies to improve my life and well being. In 13 months of working with Michaela I have lost 52 lbs. and have lowered my blood sugar. My doctors are amazed at my change. I am also no longer pre-diabetic and I am on my way to getting the health back that I had in my early 20's. Michaela saved my life. She is the most amazing woman and coach and I would highly recommend her to anyone.”

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